Kids Subscription Boxes and Services

I have noticed a trend.
Many subscription boxes are offering some amazing deals!
A few have seemed to ramp up their selection of freebies and resources on their sites.

Toucan Box
I had not heard of this one until recently.
Their boxes are geared towards 3-8-year-olds.
STEAM inspired, they let you select which two crafts to receive.
They have a selection of printables and you can even customize your own character. There are also activities that you can fo with your kids.
You can get half off your first box by using my link, and I will also get half off of another box.
It only set me back $12.47 CAD ($8.45 USD).
Being isolated at home, this is a really good price at which to try out this box. I couldn’t even come out of Michael’s that cheap!!

Since we can’t get out to the library, I decided to subscribe to this service again. I set it up on my old devices and the kids have been exploring books all day.
 You can set up profiles for up to four kids and keep up with their progress. The site and app are easy to navigate and you have unlimited access to children’s ebooks, audiobooks, and quizzes. 
On their blog, they have lists of audiobooks for preschoolers and educational apps.
This service is free for the first month and costs 7.99 per month. The service is free for educators.

This is one that I have been wanting to try out.
 I am a picky eater, and I feel like this one would help us explore new foods. On their website, they have some activities such as edible solar systems and homemade butterfly feeders. They also have lesson plans that align with their subscription boxes, or can be used on their own.

We LOVE this one.
From the Kola crate for 2-4-year olds to encourage learning through playing to kits that specialize in science, engineering, art, and design. I honestly think the hardest part is picking which crate to select. You can change the boxes during the subscription which is great. We have got the tinker crate for our 11-year-old. Her favourite KiwiCo box so far has been the planetarium and a colour spinning art kit. She learned how to assemble a motor and complete a circuit. 
 They have some free DIY ideas for older kids and some pretty awesome crafts for preschoolers and some science projects you can try out, including fluffy slime.

What’s your family’s favourite?

Musings Of A Tired Mummy

Lemieux Ultra Concentrated Detergent [The Detergent Chronicles]

Thanks to the never-ending cycle of laundry, it was once again time to purchase laundry detergent.
I was correct in assuming that the powdered gain detergent would not last me long enough.

This time, I went with a semi-local option.

I came across Multiservices Vert, a local family run green products store and bistro. We lovingly call this store “the milk store” at my house. I started shopping here after hearing that you could purchase milk in your own reusable sanitized containers. Since I have started shopping there, they have also added dry bulk goods, bulk olive oil, and bulk vinegar. It’s also where I buy my toilet paper. As much as possible, products that are sold here are made in Quebec. This makes me feel better as I am supporting local businesses and reducing the miles and greenhouse gas emissions related to my purchases.

Lemieux Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Multiservices Vert proudly stock Lemieux cleaning products. Lemieux is a family run company that produces all of its products in Quebec. They have three storefronts in the province. 

Multiservice Vert carries most of their products.
I have also bought a stove-top cleaner and a 3-in-1 soap, body wash, and shampoo made by Lemieux.
You can buy the products pre-measured in a marked container or bring in your own cleaned containers to buy the product or get a refill. I prefer to have cleaners and detergents in their original containers since we have kids in the house.

Overall, I am pleased with the product.
Cleans very well and is safe for the environment. 
I went with a eucalyptus scent, which I love and it wasn’t over-bearing. The amount to use varies based on your load size and type of machine.

HE Washer:
15 to 20 ml for a small load
20 to 25 ml for an average
25 to 30 ml for a large load

Conventional Washer:
30 to 40 ml for a small load
40 to 50 ml for an average
50 to 60 ml for a large load

I unfortunately have a “conventional” top loading washing machine which requires me to use more detergent. I bought around 4 litres for aproximately $20. Calculating the amount I would need to use, I will only get around 65 loads — around .31 per load. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up for a family of four on a very tight budget.

I feel like with the prescence of a surfactant, that this detergent is a better option than Nellie’s which is super cheap per load and the usualy reccomention from other zero and minimal waste enthusiasts.

  • Produced locally — lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Refillable — reduces waste
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable (OECD 301D)
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not use petroleum-based surfactants
  • Initially sold in plastic containers — but they can be refilled.
  • Not much information was available on some of the certifications.
    • 100% Eco-Technology
  • Uses essential oils, which I have read can impact the environment
  • No SDS available
  • The website is entirely in French. English is provided on the product labels. Google translate helps.
  • Pricey for my budget and type of washer.


The best option that I have found thus far.
Best for the environment.
Locally produced.
Reduces waste.

This will probably be my go-to detergent as long as I can squeeze it into my budget.

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