COVID-19 and How we are Holding up.

Captains log …

We are a week and a half into pretty strict social distancing measures.
Schools and day cares are closed until May 1st — at the earliest. Tuesday at midnight everything but essential stores and services will be closed. Those that remain open are only open for limited hours and only allow a very low number of people into the store at the time. The premier has “asked” that no one travel other than to buy necessities. Groups of more than two people aren’t even supposed to congregate, indoors or outdoors. They are making exceptions for family. We are being asked not to cross the inter-provincial bridges into the neighbouring city by both of the mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau. The cities of Ottawa and Gatineau are pretty much one city. Ottawa has declared a state of emergency.

The border between the USA and Canada is closed meaning I can’t get to my son.

It is a scary time.

No breaks. Since I work from home, I don’t get my somewhat peaceful 45-minute bus ride home. Working from home also means that the tiniest human believes that I am her beck and call 24/7. She doesn’t understand that I am trying to work.
I am out of spoons, or as I prefer to say, mana.

Wash your hands and love each other
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

… and the weight gain.
I will admit stress and boredom eating is going on.
Since my apartment is now my office, I don’t get much walking in.
The weather is unpredictable.
I was running on the warm days, but a couple of days ago I hurt my ankle. Not only does that take away my alone time, but it also means I can’t do many of the exercise DVDs I own or use Beach Body on Demand without risking further injury. My ankle was feeling a tiny bit better and I (foolishly) went for a walk with the family. I wanted to find some branches for a project I had in mind and wanted to try my hand at foraging.
That was a mistake.
I have managed to hurt my ankle again.
So it’s back to being super strict with weighing, measuring, and tracking my food intake again.

I should consider myself lucky.
Besides the anxiety attacks and dealing with fibro, everything seems to be fine for now and we are healthy. I am getting to spend time with my family (except for my oldest kiddo and that is killing me) and we have food and shelter. We even have toilet paper!

Toilet paper
Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

How are you holding up?
What safety measures are in place where you live?
Most importantly… Do you have toilet paper?!

I don’t get the toilet paper hoarding.


7 thoughts on “COVID-19 and How we are Holding up.

  1. These are definitely unfamiliar times! I’m trying to stay busy working on my small businesses, and I try to go outside for a walk every morning. Hopefully this will be over soon!

  2. I am a new homeschool mom, thanks to everything that’s going on. My kids miss their friends and I miss just going out for no reason other than to get out of the house.

  3. Everything is similar to where we are! I think it’s important to remember we are all in this together – even though we are alone in our homes. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be separated from my kids and not able to get to them. Saying a prayer for you today for that and the anxiety you’re experiencing. I had a rough day a couple of days ago too! Hang in there! You’re doing great. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing!

  4. These are indeed difficult times. Happy to know that you are holding up. I am doing from work from home and taking care of my two kids. Really crazy. But grateful for everything we have

  5. I am definitely trying to balance and manage mommy school and work. It has been a challenge but I’m super grateful for my family. You’ve got this and we will come out better on the other side!

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