Detergent Chronicles: Gain Ultra Powdered

gain powder review

The journey continues …

I want to compare and review laundry detergents and my first choice is the mass produced and mass marketed Gain.

My reason for buying Gain on this trip was based on the primarily on the packaging and availability. I had run out of laundry detergent and was nervous of jumping into a product that was out of my budget if it wasn’t going to be the clear cut better choice.

Contains no Phosphates and is made from recycled paper.

Came in cardboard box. Only option that wasn’t plastic.
Made from recycled material.
Recyclable in my city.
Acceptable price point at .15¢ per load.
Easily accessible.
Phosphate free.
Made with 100% Renewable Power by Wind
Cleans very well.

Made in Mexico.
The product can be an irritant.
It does mention that it is an eye irritant and contains one or more ingredients classified by the European Union as respiratory sensitizers Category 1 in Annex VI to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008.
The SDS does not have any information on whether or not it is biodegradable.
Sodium hydroxide is considered a hazardous material under the Clean Water Act in the US.

I should have conducted more research prior to the purchase.
My line of reasoning was that GHG emissions from shipping would eventually dissipate whereas the plastic containers from another choice would indefinitely remain.

Another sneaky tactic that I was not pleased with was the advertised loads.
It’s 120 loads if you use the smallest load size. Realistically, it can be anywhere from 24-120 loads. I didn’t notice this on the side of the package until I got home

Overall thoughts?
I am concerned about some of the ingredients being listed as hazardous substances when it comes to the Clean Water Act and also appearing on the Canadian Hazardous Products Regulation.
Being made in Mexico and shipped to Canada is also a concern
There is a very strong fake floral chemical scent.
Some people associate it with clean clothes. To me, it just screams synthetic.

Packaging wise? It is the better option.
Product wise? I’m not as confident in it.
It will do in a pinch.
The only other powdered option that was offered at that store was Tide.
I find that disappointing.

What detergent do you use?
Is there one that you find to be eco-friendly?


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