Kids Subscription Boxes and Services

I have noticed a trend.
Many subscription boxes are offering some amazing deals!
A few have seemed to ramp up their selection of freebies and resources on their sites.

Toucan Box
I had not heard of this one until recently.
Their boxes are geared towards 3-8-year-olds.
STEAM inspired, they let you select which two crafts to receive.
They have a selection of printables and you can even customize your own character. There are also activities that you can fo with your kids.
You can get half off your first box by using my link, and I will also get half off of another box.
It only set me back $12.47 CAD ($8.45 USD).
Being isolated at home, this is a really good price at which to try out this box. I couldn’t even come out of Michael’s that cheap!!

Since we can’t get out to the library, I decided to subscribe to this service again. I set it up on my old devices and the kids have been exploring books all day.
 You can set up profiles for up to four kids and keep up with their progress. The site and app are easy to navigate and you have unlimited access to children’s ebooks, audiobooks, and quizzes. 
On their blog, they have lists of audiobooks for preschoolers and educational apps.
This service is free for the first month and costs 7.99 per month. The service is free for educators.

This is one that I have been wanting to try out.
 I am a picky eater, and I feel like this one would help us explore new foods. On their website, they have some activities such as edible solar systems and homemade butterfly feeders. They also have lesson plans that align with their subscription boxes, or can be used on their own.

We LOVE this one.
From the Kola crate for 2-4-year olds to encourage learning through playing to kits that specialize in science, engineering, art, and design. I honestly think the hardest part is picking which crate to select. You can change the boxes during the subscription which is great. We have got the tinker crate for our 11-year-old. Her favourite KiwiCo box so far has been the planetarium and a colour spinning art kit. She learned how to assemble a motor and complete a circuit. 
 They have some free DIY ideas for older kids and some pretty awesome crafts for preschoolers and some science projects you can try out, including fluffy slime.

What’s your family’s favourite?

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14 thoughts on “Kids Subscription Boxes and Services

  1. These subscription boxes sound great! Some of the companies have been brilliant in offering huge discounts and free resources during this difficult time. It’s amazing really. Thank you for sharing these ideas with the #DreamTeamLinky.

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  3. I want to start off by saying, I love the pin image! So good! And I also love these ideas. My kids love getting their monthly Subscription packages in the mail!

  4. I never really entertained subscription boxes before but I do see the appeal of it now for structure and just new activities!

  5. These sound like great things to do at home and have something to look forward to during the social distancing that we are participating in now. I know my kids love to get their own mail!

  6. We are a huge fan of KiwiCo in our home! We also use Epic! and I’ve been wanting to try Raddish, too. I have not heard of Toucan Box before, but I’m going to look into it — thanks for the suggestion! Great list!

  7. We’ve tried and loved Kiwi and Co but I had not heard of the others! Thanks for the great ideas of new ones to look into!

  8. Thanks for sharing these. They look like really great ways to have some extra crafts in the lives of kids for parents who are not crafty themselves.

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