Mini No-Bake Energy Protein Bars

These super easy and delicious no-bake energy protein bars are always a hit at my house. These could pass for vegetarian if you you consume dairy products. I make mine with Wow Butter since I have a peanut allergy. It tastes just like the real deal. I also use super seed mix to sneak in a bit more protein and fibre.

mini no bake energy protein super seed mix bar

Mini No Bake Energy Protein Bars

  • Servings: 24-30
  • Difficulty: easy ... but sticky
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◦ 2 cups instant/quick oats
◦ 1 cup wow butter
◦ 2/3 cup honey
◦ 3/4 cup super seed mix
◦ 2 tsp vanilla
◦ 1 scoop protein powder

Mix everything in a medium to large bowl, making sure that everything is coated.
Form into bars or balls.
Refrigerate until they become slightly solid.
They will remain kind of squishy.

Keep cool.

Ingredients no bake energy protein bar super seed mix

Super Seed Mix?

I came across the super seed mix at Bulk Barn.
It is really easy to make your own as well.
Super seed mix is a combination of golden flax seed, hulled hemp seed, and chia seed. Mix it all up in a container and you’re good to go. Ratios are up to you, but even why I buy pre-made it at bulk barn, I tend to add in more hulled hemp seed.
I use it on my cereal and granola while my husband likes to add it to smoothies.

Making your own no-bake energy bars

It’s really simple:
Mix everything in a bowl, and make into bars or balls.

I prefer to use local raw honey to help boost my immune system and help it fight off local allergens.Due to the pandemic, I was a bit limited on what ingredients I could get. The one we bought was made in Quebec, but still came in a plastic container. The plan is to reuse the bottle to make squeezable paint for Teghan.

I would be considered a lacto-ovo vegetarian, as I consume some dairy and eggs — if they are baked into things. Being a picky eater so I do not consume most of the typical plant based proteins that vegetarians consume.
I buy Pure Whey by Revolution Nutrition. It is a bit more of a natural protein powder and made in Quebec (or at least I was told this when I worked at GNC Canada). I would love to find a protein that that I like that is available in bulk do avoid the plastic canisters.

The silicone mould was a recent purchase to support my cousin’s epicure venture. In the future, I think I will cut these tiny bars in half to make bite size protein energy snacks, and feel like I am eating more of them.
If you don’t have a pan or mould, simply roll a tablespoonful of the mix into a ball.

Customise your no bake energy protein bars

These no bake energy bars are so easy to customise.
Throw in some other seeds that you like.
Use peanut butter if you’re not allergic to it.
Mix in some chocolate chips.
Change up the flavour of your protein powder.

I used to make mine with chocolate chips but wanted to get the sugar and calories down a little bit. My kids never even noticed. Since I used a lot of seeds, they are crunchy.

What you would add in to your no bake protein energy bars to make them your own?

No Bake Energy Protein bars

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  1. I remember reading your Wow Butter cookie recipe too – I’m not sure if we have that where I live, but I imagine peanut butter or almond butter would be okay?

  2. Your super seed mix sounds great! You could use it in so many things! Tasty protein bars as well as oatmeal, bread mixes too!

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