Our First Hike

Back in April, I had the wonderful idea to take the girls on weekly hikes since we live so close to the Gatineau Park.
We finally went — in August.

The Gatineau Park is a 36, 131 hectare conservation park located close to downtown Gatineau and Ottawa. It lies where the Canadian Shield meets the Saint Lawrence Lowlands. There are several valued ecosystems and valuable habitats and is home to around 90 plant species and 50 animals species that are considered to be species at risk in Quebec and Canada.

On our way up, I totally forgot about the Nokia Bike Sundays. Every Sunday from May to The beginning of September, the National Capital Commission closes the area’s scenic parkways for bikers. This caused us to be unable to go to the trail that I had picked out.

I had wanted to visit the Lauriault Trail Loop.
I saw online that there was a waterfall and thought it would be a nice addition to our hike.
Being a loop, it would have meant we wouldn’t have to turn around and walk back. Which would have been handy with the girls. The tiniest one wanted to keep going – but at the same time she wanted to be carried. The tiniest human was our little cheerleader. She kept telling us to push on “We got this girls! We’re explorer girls!”

I plan on taking them back.
Hopefully next time the tiniest human decides to walk most of the way.


7 thoughts on “Our First Hike

    • I love hiking! When my kids were little we used to go hiking together. Those were memorable times! Keep on hiking! It sounds like a beautiful area 🙂

  1. I went to a botanical garden with my mom and son today! It’s so relaxing to get out and enjoy nature!

  2. perfect time to get out there and enjoy nature… not to hot but here where we are always be on the look out for snakes

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