Our Quarantined Life

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Here we are.
Ending the 11th (or is the 12th) week of physical distancing/quarantine measures.
We have come to accept that this is the new “normal”.

How I’ve been holding up

Not well.
I’ve been battling with the worst case of hives ever.
After suffering for two weeks trying all the over the counter anti-histamines available, various anti-itch creams and lotions I went to see my doctor. My doctor assumes its due to stress and seasonal allergies. I was given prescription strength allergy medicine and a topical cream. A week later I was back in her office. After blood work came back normal, I was put on a week of prednisone and stronger cream. The hives themselves are now gone, but I am still just as itchy. I still wake up scratching myself to the point of bleeding in the middle of the night. So now it’s back to the prescription allergy medicine, but twice a day AND Benadryl at night. My doctor made me promise to get a minimum of thirty minutes of relaxing alone time. HA! Every couple of days I’ve been able to squeeze in an oatmeal bath and watch an episode of Battlestar Gallactica.
Alone? Not really. I am “Mom-ed” the whole time. At least my skin is getting some relief… right?
Every time I get the slightest itch I slather myself in Aveno Eczema Relief lotion. I am making myself some sweet violet and dandelion skin oil and balm to help with my skin.
I am the most moisturized person in all of time and space at this point.
Lady Cassandra, be jelly!

Alas, I have ended up with cellulitis from scratching my legs.
Antibiotics, more topical cortisone creams, anti-bacterial topical creams, and even more allergy medications.

Mentally . . .
A few break downs here and there.
Mostly related to being overwhelmed by starting back online classes.
There were some severe technical issues on the university’s part. I wasn’t able to get my books on time as they weren’t posted until after the classes started. I am the type of person who prefers to read a week or two ahead and really know what the prof is talking about.
I am catching up.
It doesn’t help that the summer term is a very condensed term.
I also never thought I would admit this, but I miss my bus ride to school.
Turns out, that was my me time.
Just me (well strangers on the bus too) and my podcasts or my books to catch up on reading. I miss the walking to the bus stops and campus.
At the same time, I do like being to wake up and attend my lectures in my jammies.

How about the kids?

They’re alive.
So yay!
To be completely honest… way too much screen time.
School has reopened for the middle kiddo, but it’s optional.
For their mental health we decided to keep them home.
The wee one’s preschool is closed for the foreseeable future. They’re private so they aren’t eligible for government subsidies to cover the extra cost for teachers.
No grade 6 graduation and no preschool graduation. I think the lack of preschool graduation bothers me the most. We’ve decided to slowly introduce the kids to homeschooling as they predict the second wave to hit us in September. Something to at least keep their minds engaged and earn their screen time.

The Pets?

Hermione, our usually independent and sassy cat has become very stressed and needy. She has started meowing excessively at night and carrying her toys around. She usually avoids us, but has wanted all the pets lately. We purchased an interactive feeder to keep her and Asimov entertained.
They have both taken to sitting on my school work … while I am trying to work.


Slowly Re-Opening

Quebec is slowly re-opening.
Inter-regional travel is allowed.
We can now leave our city.
Non essential stores with doors to the outside world are re-opening.
Hair dressers are set to re-open between June 1st and 15th depending on their location, as long as they have an exterior door as a main entrance.
On private property, you can gather outside. A limit of 10 people from a maximum of 3 households.
Some provincial parks are reopening, although they are encouraging people NOT to travel to them. Same thing with cottagers. You can travel to check on your cottage if you HAVE to, but you are asked NOT to stop in the small towns on the way.


12 thoughts on “Our Quarantined Life

  1. It is a really hard thing,and in lot of ways, the re-openning is harder. WHo knew. THere is a really good podcast I will share when they put it up by a trauma psyche on why we are all struggling a little with the ‘new rules’. Good luck and stay safe #KCACOLS

  2. I can empathise with needing some ‘me time’. I ended up staying up way too late the other night as I just enjoyed the rare silence! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  3. London is still in lockdown and restrictions are still pretty much in place. I feel for you, I haven’t been copying with anything lately. But have faith, we learn from everything we do, this is also a lesson.

  4. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with the horrible itching on top of the stress of having our lives upended. I’m hoping it will get better soon!

  5. It’s definitely be a crazy time with lots of ups and downs. I feel like we’ve really settled into it and now that restrictions are lifting in Spain we’ve been out. But I’m not feeling quite ready to go out as much as we use too. The slower pace of staying home has become the norm.
    I was just thinking about what I’ll miss about lockdown actually. Going to get a post written.

  6. I hope you’re feeling better already!

    One of my two cats has become quite needy too. I popped down to the doctors a few days ago and apparently she spent the entire time waiting in the window for me (the other cat hadn’t even noticed I’d gone anywhere!).

  7. Oh bless you! There’s nothing worse than itching, I get eczema on my hands when I’m stressed and it’s horrible. It sounds like you’re still doing a really good job, even if you’re struggling!


  8. Stay safe! I live in Beijing, and just when we thought it’s safe we had a second outbreak! Scary

  9. This whole thing is surreal that’s for sure. I’m in Texas and they reopened and now are reclosing a few places and just mandated masks because it tripled in cases. I’ve been home more of the time because of my own health issues and hoping this gets under control for all of us with existing health conditions! Stay safe and thanks for your post!

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