All Because … I Ripped My Pants

This past weekend, I managed to tear the inner thigh area of my favourite jeans. Thankfully it was at the end of an impromptu Scottish Highland Dancing class.
I rarely buy new clothes.
Shopping is a hassle. Maybe it’s my age combined with body shape and size I have the hardest time finding clothes I like and fit me the way I want them to. Oh… and I am cheap on a budget.
As much as I hate “fast fashion” stores, I usually end up buying jeans there when they are on sale. The pair I ripped were two years old. The other two pair I purchased at Urban Planet are about three years old now. I generally rotate through these three pairs during the winter months as they are skinny jeans and easier to tuck into my snow boots.
My “good” jeans are flared and boot cut my silver jeans. They are going on 7 or 8 years now.

Things you can do with ripped jeans

  • Repair them
  • Cut them into shorts
  • Turn them into a skirt
  • Cut up to make other patches
  • Use the fabric for other projects

When I was a young warthog, my Grama would let me practice sewing using her denim scraps. I was constantly making little purses and bags for my little sister and cousin. Protip: jean seams make great straps.
I used to turn my jeans into skirts or bell bottoms all the time
I once sewed curtains, blankets, and tablecloths for a doll house that my father made for me.

Unfortuneately, I never paid attention to my Grama when she would service her sewing machine. Mine is currently sitting in my storage closet. I swear it glares at me with the sole intention of making me feel horrible about not taking care of it, or using it.
But time. It’s so precious, and valuable. I’m sorry sewing machine. So sorry!

What will I be doing with this pair?
I will probably end up using the good parts of the legs to patch up the kiddo’s jeans. I would be too worried that the thighs will wear out again with it being stretchy material.

What do you do with ripped or torn clothes?


9 thoughts on “All Because … I Ripped My Pants

  1. I would just throw them out. I remember I had only 1 pair of jeans, and it got ripped but I still wore them until the rip got bigger and bigger down to my thighs. Then I just threw it out.

  2. I would rip them even more 😁. And my sewing machine is sitting in my closet. I should really start using it more.

  3. I would rip them even more 😁. And my sewing machine is sitting in my closet. I should really start using it more.

  4. I wish I was actually good at being able to salvage old clothes. I basically just throw mine away.

  5. I have to get rid of my jeans because they always rip in the crotch!! I DON’T KNOW HOW! Any repair job will just look conspicuous LOL

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