The Detergent Chronicles

Line drying

Pretty much staple item.
Who would have thought it could be so time consuming to try and pick the right one?!
Me. The person who is trying to get the most bang for the buck while getting an effective product that won’t destroy the planet.

It’s almost time to say hello to analysis paralysis.
We’re pretty good friends.
Analysis paralysis is when you over analyse or overthink something to the point that decision making or forward motion is stuck. Usually with analysis paralysis, no course of action or solution is decided upon.

But we kind of need clean clothes.
As a family of four — that means a lot of clothes to clean.

The criteria

  • Cost effective
  • Local-ish to reduce GHG emissions in shipping
  • Packaging. Less is best
    • Less is best
    • Plastic free if possible
    • Recyclable
  • Free from substances which would harm the environment
    • Phosphates that cause eutrophication
  • Biodegradable
  • Actually get the clothes clean
    • Probably going to need an acutal detergent here
  • Must be able to work in cold water
  • As harmless to people as possible
    • Should probably try to reduce our expose to harmful substances while I’m at it

Thus begins the chronicles into finding the best detergent for my family.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!