Week in Review

Be prepared to be amazed at all the awesomeness that has transpired over the last seven-ish days.
Mild astonishment is okay too.

This week was mostly spent studying for a midterm for my History of Technology, Society and Environment class and working on a COVID-19 research paper for my class in human-nature health.
I was able to make it to week three in Barre Blend, but I am taking a few days off because my body feels like it’s about to be hit with a fibro flare up. I think the stress of my school assignments and midterm is really throwing me off.

We finally started getting some goodies from out patio garden.
Two green beans that I ate as soon as this photo was snapped and strawberries. I think we have some peppers that are almost ready to pick.
We faced yet another heat wave this week and our city has asked us to conserve water.

I got in the little oilers starter kit this week with Feathers the Owl diffuser from Young Living this week. Feathers is also a white noise machine and night light. So far Teghan is not fond of the KidScents DreamEase blend. Her thoughts “It stinks. Make it stop!”
Hopefully this will Teghan sleep at night. As she gets used to it, or as I find a better sleep and relaxation blend.

little oilers starter kit feathers the owl

The week was concluded with a birthday party celebration for my younger sister. We played mini golf and enjoyed ice cream. Teghan wanted a white Popsicle since they are her new favourite thing ever. It was so hot and unbearable, but after being in lock down for so long, it was nice to have family outing. Andy didn’t get to go because he has started back to work since Ontario has been slowly re-opening.

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Leather, Crystal/Glass, and Sunflowers

Today marks our third anniversary of the day that we said “I do” [or should that be “we did”?]

Leather is the traditional gift for the third anniversary as it symbolizes reaching a stage of flexible durability. The modern gift is crystal or glass which is meant to symbolize the marriage’s special beauty while highlighting it’s fragileness. The sunflower? The sturdy stalk is supposed to signify the strong foundation of the marriage. The yellow petals symbolize the love that radiates outward. Stong, colourful, and passionate — they are said to capture all the characteristics of the first three years of marriage.

What does our third-anniversary celebration have in store?
A much-needed kid-free night, probably some pizza and sleep.
Lots of sleep.
We are amazingly exciting in that way.