Teghan Éire’s Hatching Day Anniversary!

Five years ago today, after seven hours of labour I finally got to meet my youngest hatchling.

On April 16th, 2015 Teghan Éire was born at 3:12 pm weighing 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20″ long.
While most babies are born “face down” or this spunky little one decided that she was going to come out facing my thigh.
As soon as she was placed on my chest. she shoved her vernix caseosa covered hand in my mouth.

The last five years have been filled with so much extra joy.
Teghan is so intelligent and inquisitive — with just the right amount of sass.
She is wise beyond her years.

I hope she has the best year yet, with many more to follow.

Hatching Day?
When I was pregnant with my second kiddo, one of my friends would ask when the baby was going to hatch. My eldest kiddo heard that and we have joked about me hatching the baby.
The was also the time he was calling maple syrup tree sauce.
The kids and I now call birthdays “Hatching Day Anniversaries”


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  1. I hope she had a lovely birthday, what an interesting alternative title for the day! Thanks for joining us on #stayclassymama

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