Trying to be Zero-Waste

There’s a semi local zero-waste grocery store that I have been interested in trying out. Its about 12 km away. I have no real reason to be in that part of the neighbouring city … so I don’t feel quite so zero-waste driving there just to check it out.

So the husband did the next best thing.
He tried looking up the store’s offerings online.
They showed some of the household goods and gift items that they sold. I understand, it’s kind of hard and maybe even expensive to keep a running inventory online of their foods. But, a general idea of their offerings and prices would be nice.

Then we saw it.
A french press for $30.00.
Glass tea infuser for $45.00.
To us, that is expensive.
We got our french press for about $10.00.

It has been on my mind a lot lately.
This current zero waste movement seems to be geared towards the affluent members of society. I am aware that sometimes products cost more than their plastic counterparts. Then there is the supply and demand aspect.

This has inspired me to do research.
I want to identify the barriers to a low or zero-waste lifestyles and propose ways to overcome them.


7 thoughts on “Trying to be Zero-Waste

  1. i think it’s all in how you approach it! i follow a great zero waste account (urbanoreganics – actually a products line but she shares so much about zero waste) where she literally encourages everyone to just choose glass over plastic and then save those glass things to re-use.

    a shirt i got at a by the pound thrift store just got holes in it, and instead of tossing it i’m going to figure out how to make a headband or something for my baby with it. the best mantra for starting a zero waste lifestyle is “do what you can with what you have,” i think. 🙂 i appreciated your take on it though because i agree, it can seem like it’s geared towards people with money.

  2. I agree, sometimes products that are zero waste or sustainable can be expensive. There are other ideas and alternatives out ther that will work. It will just take some researching.

  3. I have thought about going zero-waste, but there are a few things that would make it really hard. Number one is paper towels. In a home with 5 kids, I feel like I NEED them! 🙂

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