Who Should be Responsible for the Decisions That Impact “The Future Earth”?

This post is a previous school assignment.
Our task was to write a blog post to answer the question: Who Should be Responsible for the Decisions That Impact “The Future Earth”?

To bring about change and make the important decisions that will impact the “Future Earth” we need to have effective leaders. The only way that real change happens is through laws and policies. When we vote for these leaders, we need to know that they have our best interests in mind – that they are not acting in the interests of their largest financial contributors. Only well-educated and knowledgeable people should be able to vote, thereby being the ones who elect the decisions makers. 

Socrates suggested that only the educated and knowledgeable should be able to vote and hold power. In Plato’s Republic (c.380 BCE/2004), Plato recounts Socrates’ parable of the ship captain. Socrates asks Adeimantus if he would rather have an inexperienced sailor at the helm, or a well-trained and educated captain. Furthermore, all the inexperienced sailors are arguing amongst themselves. They work together to pry control from the captain (p. 195-200). Socrates’ point is that voting in an election should not be left to a random hunch, but rather voting is a skill that needs to be taught. It would be just as irresponsible to let uneducated citizens vote as it would be to let them seize control and sail the ship. 

I believe this is the best method to ensure that the best people would be placed in power. By having a well-educated population who votes for the best-educated candidates, this would bring about the best decisions that would have a positive impact on the future. I also believe that there lobbying should not be allowed, as well as self-interested millionaires and corporations who make donations to sway opinions. Public officials should not be paid an exorbitant salary to ensure that they make decisions with the regular public in mind, as it would affect them as well. Transparency is key. 

Ultimately, citizens of a nation should be taught how to think critically and use that knowledge to vote for officials who will create the policies which will shape our future and the future of the planet. Anyone who is willing to take the time to learn can and should be an active participant in making decisions what will shape “The Future Earth” 

Plato. (2004). Republic. New York, NY: Fine Creative Media. (Original work published c. 380 BCE) 


6 thoughts on “Who Should be Responsible for the Decisions That Impact “The Future Earth”?

  1. I definitely agree that an educated electorate typically will make the best decisions! However, the key is ensuring that they are educated – and not from a biased source.

  2. This is really thought provoking! I think we each should take some responsibility in the future of our planet.

  3. I totally agree with you! Being from a place where politicians totally take advantage of the uneducated section of the society, this thought has passed not once, but several times through my mind.

  4. HM it all sounds like a good dream. I agree with being well educated and taking care of the earth, and choosing our leaders accordingly. But how can that become our reality??

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