Why Go Zero Waste?

Recycling simply is NOT enough!

Recycling, especially plastic, is essentially green-washing.
Only a very small percentage of plastic that is sent to the recycling centres are actually recycled. Some plastics are considered to be higher value than others. Most of the time, it is cheaper to produce new plastic than to recycle. Low value plastics are often sent to the landfill or burned.
Then there is the issue of items that are made of multiple bonded materials like cardboard bonded to plastic, or plastic bonded to foil. Some cans and cups even have a thin layer of plastic inside of them.
Plastic that is recycled can only a small number of times before it loses it’s integrity.

Recycling centres vary so much from area to area. Check your local regulations.

Why recycling is not enough - go zero waste

The best thing to do is try to reduce your consumption and try to buy the items that involve the least amount of packaging — especially the plastic packaging.

Things last longer!

Non single use items will obviously last longer.
Reusable items are often built sturdier so you can get more life out of them. You can re-purpose items that you have.
Try to buy second hand, as this prevents another item from possibly being tossed away.
You can donate, gift, or even sell items when you no longer need them.

It makes your dollar count!

You save money by not having to constantly replace single use items. There may be a bit more of an upfront cost, but it will more than pay for itself.
The cost is sometimes higher because of ethical materials and labour.
Buying less is important too.
Making your items last and re-purposing items you already have not only saves you money, but prevents waste as well.
When buying new items, support companies who are striving to wards sustainability and protecting the environment.

Don’t forget to check out thrift stores, charity shops, yard sales, or even Facebook sale groups.
Buying second hand is usually easier on the wallet too!

why go zero waste - sustainable

You are reducing your impact!

By consciously making an effort to reduce your waste you are reducing your impact on the planet and it’s resources. The Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy states that the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant. Everything you buy or use comes from something and it doesn’t simply vanish.

Change starts with YOU!

Yes, big corporations need to be held accountable.
Support businesses who strive towards being environmentally responsible.
Buy local. Support sustainable companies.
Vote with your wallet.

But individual actions add up.
If 100 people use reusable bags, then that’s at least 100 plastic bags that aren’t being used. The more people who strive towards a zero waste lifestyle, the more people there are who can petition the corporations to act responsibly.

why be zero waste

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24 thoughts on “Why Go Zero Waste?

  1. You really opened my eyes here. We recycle and I thought we were doing our part. Thank you so much for this

    • You truly inspired a lot to use ecofriendly items. Sometimes we just get demotivated by the people around us who don’t care about the environment..

  2. This post is eye-opening! I actually sewed a bag the other day to use when I go grocery shopping but can’t get around to using it! I know if just laziness because I really do care about the world we live in, anyway, thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed reading!

  3. Yes! I love these thoughts. We do things to live a sustainable and zero waste lifestyle as well. I’m excited to start composting soon!

  4. Ugh. We were SO frustrated when we discovered a few years ago that most of our time spent sorting our recycling was wasted in our area. Grrrr. So, we did what you suggested…cut back! Thanks for sharing and letting others know!!

  5. Thank you for this reminder. I have been more conscientious about bringing along reusable boxes and bags when I’m out to buy groceries and takeaway meals. It’s not always easy or convenient, but I try to remind myself that I’m doing my part to protect this world so that my children can grow up in a safe and beautiful environment!

  6. I have been thinking about the zero waste lifestyle for a few years now – and while we’re far from perfect at it (paper towels – ha!), I do see this as something to continually be aware of and make small changes towards.

  7. Been thinking about making this transition. Living on one income, I need all the money saving options.

  8. I’ve found that a zero waste lifestyle is cheaper in the long run, although it took some investment in the beginning. Eventually you have enough reusable items that you buy (and throw away) significantly less. There is definitely an investment phase though!

  9. This is very eye opening! We recycle but this just showed me that recycling just isn’t enough! Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Wow! I totally thought recycling plastic was “saving the world” in a sense. Thank you for informing me!

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