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Working from home has the best commute ever!
The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has forced many people to work from home. I am fortunate enough to be one of these people. Whether your work from home experience is related to this crisis or its a perk of your job, here are some ideas to help make your teleworking experience as green and sustainable as possible.

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Develop Energy Saving Habits While Working From Home

Working from home, you have the ability to implement energy-saving habits. Turn your computer off at night? You can go one step further and unplug or turn off the power strip when you’re finished for the day or week.
Most electronics have an “eco mode” that will conserve power.
Are you leaving your computer or laptop for a while? Sleep mode!
It’s always a good idea to unplug electrical items if you aren’t using them.

You can also set up your workspace to maximize the use of natural lighting.
Don’t have that much access to natural lighting? Using energy-efficient LED light bulbs can help save energy, usually last a very long time-saving money as well.
If you’re able, work outside.
Just being in nature can help relieve stress and make you more productive.

Go Green and Paperless

Digital Notebooks

I have personally used One Note.
It automatically syncs and saves with the ability to access from multiple devices. Make use of the highlighting and tags for easy follow-up and quickly search for keywords in your entire library! You can insert images and information from other apps, files or web pages. You can even record audio or video messages as you go!
Pages or entire notebooks can be shared with others, who can also contribute to the notes.
If needed, you can also password-protect sections you want to keep private.

Smart Printing

Set your default printer to print to a PDF or a cloud network like Google Drive. This way, you will avoid printing on paper by mistake! Using this method will help you get into the habit of saving digital copies instead of printing paper copies.
If you must print, try to use the duplex setting to save paper and recycle — if you cant.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are a great option to take advantage of if it’s available.
At my work, we had to wait for some forms to be optimized.
Being able to sign PDFs by inserting your signature electronically saves on paper and time. It is cumbersome and wasteful to print the document, sign, scan, and send it back. If this is the only option, make sure only to print the needed pages.

Air Quality

Working from home, being in your own space, you can control air quality.
Every year, many people suffer from sick building syndrome. Caused by poor indoor air quality, sick building syndrome can result in poor performance and headaches.
Most workplaces don’t have windows that can be opened, contributing to reduced indoor air quality. Opening your windows at home can be a fantastic way to get fresh air and also cool your living space — depending on your climate.

House plants are an easy and fun way to help clean the air and introduce the natural element into your workspace. I suggest making sure that they are non-toxic to your pets if you have any. Spider plants are pretty straightforward to take care of, can help clean the air and are pet safe. Parlour Palms and Money Trees are good and pet safe as well. They are a bit harder for me to keep alive, due in part to my cat chewing on them.

Air Purifying Plants

I love diffusing essential oils, creating blends that help me to be calmer, focus, and be more productive.
One of the downsides to working in offices was that they were often scent-free zones.
Which I totally understand and support.
Being at home gives you greater control.

Additionally, you can also purchase an air purifier to improve your air quality. We purchased the one below from during the lockdown.

The Blue Pure 411 air purifier has a three-part filtration system that captures 99% of common airborne PM 2.5 pollutants such as allergens, odours, smoke, mould spores, dust mites and pet dander.

Eco-Friendly Choices and Local Supplies

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and buy a whole new office set up.
Already have an office or workspace at home? Great!
The dining room or kitchen table can work in a pinch.
For the first couple of months of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, I used the dining room table as my workspace to allow me to interact with the family.
Check out local buy nothing groups, freecycle, buy/sell/trade groups, thrift shops, and online classifieds for office furniture.
Will you be buying new? Try to get the most eco-friendly and sustainable products you can find. Bonus points if you can find it locally and don’t have to rely on online shipping. If you’re able to, try and support local office supply stores instead of large chain retailers when it comes to office supplies.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaners

Most offices and public spaces have to make use of heavy-duty and industrial-strength cleaners due to the number of people sharing the space.
A benefit of being in your own environment is that you can use non-toxic cleaners.

There are many commercially available brands, but a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water can be effective at cleaning. You can add essential oils to that have cleaning properties, or just for a refreshing scent. Recently, I have started using Thieves cleaner from Young Living. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaners are safer for you and the environment.

Remember the basics!
Always implement the Five R’s
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle!

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20 thoughts on “Work From Home Green and Sustainably

  1. Never thought about all the harmful things around our home we are now consuming and breathing in more regularly. Thank you for that reminder!

  2. I really love this advice! I’ve recently heard back from my employer that I will be working remotely for at least 6 more months. I’ve moved from paper files to all digital.

    Concerning air quality, are air purifiers a good Eco friendly resource for this issue?

    • That’s a good point.
      I mentioned it more in regards of the air quality.
      Living in a basement apartment it’s hard for us to keep plants alive.

      There are some models that can be more energy efficient. In the end, they’re usually made of plastic.

      We bought one because of we thought there may have been mold due to water damage in our apartment. I started getting really bad allergic reactions to *something* and unexplained hives.
      While it’s anecdotal in this sense, the addition of the air purifier helped.

      So while an air purifier is not necessarily eco-friendly, it can be good for your health.

      I will probably update the post in the near future.
      Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

  3. These eco friendly ideas are great!! House plants really help to uplift the mood beside refreshing the environment..

  4. Very sensible tips here. I got into the habit of unpluging most of my electronics when I don’t use them. I am quite old fashioned and still use a notebook to jot things down, but I will give One Note a try.

  5. Great post! I am all in for sustainability an your posts always give such easy ideas! Love your non-toxic cleaning products and green plants idea as I do both. Use vinegar and baking soda for many cleaning purposes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My new “office” is my sewing/craft/guest room, so the environment is a little less work-oriented than I’d like. I love your idea of using local buy nothing groups to source office essentials, as well as using plants to brighten up the space and improve air quality.

  7. This is a really interesting post- my partner often suffers with headaches after work but I’d never heard of sick building syndrome before. I may have to research this further and see if there’s anything his work will implement to make it a better working environment.

    Katrina x


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  9. I must say these are great tips to be eco friendly. Need to think about these things seriously, its high time to save earth. Our small steps to be eco friendly can have a large impact to save nature. Thanks for sharing. Great post.

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